Scrap Box patron Margaret writes to us of a trip she took to the island nation of Haiti She brought along materials, many of which came from Scrap Box so that the locals could made items to sell and earn some small income.











“We made fabric brooches and small bags with draw strings.  The fabric brooches were made from felt, upholstery fabric, and buttons (much of which came from Scrapbox.














We used various sizes of cardboard circles as the pattern, and plastic bowls to hold supplies (also from Scrapbox).  I supplemented the supplies with fuzzy yarn, pins for the back of the brooches, and extra felt (I pretty much bought all you had!).  The small bags were made from fabric I found at Scrapbox.  We made over 120 brooches and about 25 bags.  I left extra materials so that they can continue to make more!”

Some of my students hard at work.












“Thanks for all you provided for this worthwhile project!”