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Story and photos by Jo Mathis/AAPS District News

AAPS students take some incredible field trips, from world-class art museums, lectures, and concerts at the University of Michigan, to local sites to learn about wildlife, rocks or water.

Lakewood Elementary art teacher Peggy Leonard says her favorite field trip of the year is the one third graders take to the Scrap Box, a sprawling facility at 581 State Circle that promotes creativity by selling unique recyclable arts and crafts supplies.

Third grade teacher Tia Mitchell says students look forward to the annual trip.

“They like the fact that it’s a hands-on project, and they’re not told directly what to do,” she says. “They get to explore and use their imagination and there are so many little widgets and crafts and fun things to do. At the end, they’re really proud of their work.”

Mitchell explained that the visit supports the class’s habitat unit in science. The students create the animal they’re researching, fill a bag with their choice of recycled goodies to take home to create a habitat, and then set their work up in the gym for the rest of the school to admire.



The Lakewood PTO covers the cost of the workshop/field trip, which is $6 per child and includes the bag the children fill during their “shopping spree.”

Leonard says the trip inspires creativity and higher thinking while supporting STEAM education.

Andrea Nicholson, who runs the school workshops and field trips at the Scrap Box, says she enjoys talking to the students about recycling.

“Hopefully they’ll go home, see their recycling bin, and say, `Oh, we talked about it in school today,’” she says.