January 2, 2017

To: All members of the Scrap Box Community

As the new year 2017 begins, we want to tell you about some things that are happening around The Scrap Box.

The Scrap Box has been an Ann Arbor treasure since early 1983 – over 34 years. Our beloved, dedicated director, Karen Ensminger, has worked tirelessly without pay since the beginning.  This year, Karen needs to attend to her own health.  She will step down from managing the day-to-day operations at The Scrap Box and assume “Director Emeritus” status. We thank her for hard work and devotion. We are delighted that Libby Katopodis, Assistant Director, has graciously agreed to step into the role of Interim Director of The Scrap Box. Libby’s commitment, love, loyalty and work ethic has been an integral part of Scrap Box operations for the last 20 years. We welcome her and thank her for her continuing service and direction.

The Board of Directors has been hard at work on a Strategic Plan for the new year looking to secure a stable financial future for The Scrap Box. In these rapidly changing times, it is important to recognize our customers’ desires, needs and habits.  More sales = more money to pay the rent!  We need more sales! The Strategic Plan articulates goals and checkpoints so that we may review our progress along the way. 2017 will be pivotal in assuring our future survival.

This year we are asking for your input and support as we negotiate familiar paths and forge new ones. We need your financial support as well as your help in growing our customer base. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Libby at The Scrap Box during regular hours. Tax-deductible donations are appreciated at any time of the year. Our Van Fundraiser and Birthday Party for Karen raised $8000 last year. We want The Scrap Box to be a sturdy and integral part of the Ann Arbor community for years to come. Please help!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, healthy, and “scrappy” 2017!


The Scrap Box Board

Ideas? input? e-mail us at: news@scrapbox.org