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One time when I went to visit my niece in Virginia, I took along a bunch of Scrap Box materials so I could do a project with her second grade class. Her teacher wanted me to do something related to what they were learning.  I decided to have the kids make puppets, using colorful tubes for legs., sticky back rectangles for a body and lots of things to decorate them with, colorful paper for arms and round stickies for heads.













After the kids finished their project, they would write stories about the various adventures their puppet had.    The teacher was grateful that I was doing this project, she said she just wasn’t very ‘crafty.’  I told her she didn’t need to be, just allow the kid’s imaginations to fly.









And fly they did.  As is always the case with a Scrap Box activity, everyone’s project was unique. They all made different decisions on how to construct their puppets, how to decorate and what abilities they wanted their puppet to have.









One of my favorite quotes of the day was from a boy in the class who enthusiastically told me that this was the best day in his life!  How lucky are we to have such a treasure  as the Scrap Box right here in our community?