A curated selection of summertime projects for long summer days and nights!

Plan a visit to the Scrap Box for materials- we have so much going through our warehouse. You’ll be sure to find supplies for the following projects and and enough inspiration to branch out!

Jellyfish are taking over the world! Learn to join the crowd with these nifty googly eyed crafted jellyfish from iheartcraftythings.


We’ve got the beads: all sorts! Combine these with a stick and something to chime. Use a drill to broaden your range of items to add!



If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a friendship bracelet: this page offers an excellent tutorial! Also good information on quilting and sewing projects: all beautifully illustrated: http://www.michaelannmade.com/

We have lots of embroidery and quilting materials on hand to make this (and other projects) happen!



It’s sunny & hot out, plants are thriving everywhere! Try this simple window project! Best to keep your shades drawn during the hottest part of the day, but enjoy in the early hours and again towards dusk…



This one is from across the ocean in Catalunya! It’s so simple, there is little translation needed: Learn the symmetry in leaves by drawing out & envisioning what the other half of the leaf looks like!

Begin to notice where symmetries are found throughout the natural world!6


If you would prefer to join a group for a special project: we have two upcoming workshops @ our Warehouse!

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