What makes a Scrap Box Workshop special?

The drop-in workshops we offer at our store are held in our front classroom. Tables and wall shelves are filled with materials for easy access!  We find proximity to loads of materials really speeds the creative process. Students can easily reach across the table for something they think might fit into their project design!

Our workshops are reasonably priced with special attention to kids (and adults) throughout the class time. Our teachers open doors and minds! Often there is an amazing difference once kids get rolling, open-up, start talking, articulating and smiling.

Our philosophy and attitude towards creativity is open-ended! By putting young (or old) people in a rich environment filled with stuff, good things happen!

Recycling, re-use, up-cycling is part of it. Our efforts educate young and old as to the importance of re-use, recycling, and disposing properly of material goods can better our planet.

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Some Valentines card ideas from our friends at: Scrap PDX!