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Special Teacher Invitation-

We recently e-mailed a letter to teachers in the area to welcome them to visit The Scrap Box. Included is a coupon for one free $5.00 bag of materials from the bulk room.

The coupon is good until Saturday, October 4, 2014.

If you are a teacher and did not receive the invitation, you may want to check with your principal to see if he/she received it.

Or you can click here to download the letter and print it out.

Just be sure to bring the coupon filled out by Sat, Oct. 4, 2014

New Workshop Space a Reality:

After about a year’s delay, we are finally going to have our front room painted and transformed into our new special workshop room. Look for a grand opening in October!

Our plan is to offer workshops to individuals (rather than groups), for both children and/or adults. These will probably be held on Saturday mornings or late afternoons during the week. We are starting to look for teachers who would like to lead a workshop. If you’re interested, talk to Karen (karen@scrapbox.org).

Deal of the Week:

From time to time we find ourselves swamped with a particular kind of scrap. Today it’s decorative balls. Starting the week of September 22 – 27, you can take advantage of the special deal: buy 2 decorative balls and get one (of equal or lesser value) for free! Keep watching for further special deals in the weeks ahead.

teh Scrap Box decorative balls

Various other types of decorative balls are also in stock…

Members Room Sczizzix Shapes:

teh Scrap Box Members Room

We had a recent donation of decorative shaped die-cuts for paper. Some of them we kept for use in our members room with our die-cut press. If you are interested, consider becoming a member, or stop by for a day-use session. Our staff can show you how to make shapes and use any of the equipment in the members room.

the Scrap Box Sczzizzix shapes


Earthfest- “party for the planet”

We attended the Earthfest event on the U of M diag. on September 17. There, we got a chance speak many to students and passersby about what role the Scrap Box plays in the local recycling community and of the value of  creative recycling and upcycling.

Earthfest 2014 on the Diag. UofM Made friends in the U of M Environmental Crafts Organization and with students involved in the “Food Recovery Network at Michigan”. They work to recover leftover food from dining halls and other venues on campus and transfer this food to Ann Arbor Foodgatherers for redistribution into the community.

 Recent Shelves-

Yet another way of seeing what we have. A continuously circulating Non-commented, non curated totally unscientific visual survey of the shelves in our warehouse. Here today, gone tomorrow! Stop by!

the Scrap Box Recent Shelves


 Scrap Box Ventures + Make Health Fest Report-

We attended the  “We Make Health Fest” at the University of Michigan Palmer Room on Saturday, August 16th.

The “We Make Health Fest” was a one day participatory event blending the “Maker” ethic with a range of professional interests from across the University. Representatives from Public Health, Information Science, Dr. Brandon McNaughton of the U of M Center for Entrepeneurship was also @ the Fest. He showed us how he uses Scrap Box materials to demonstrate to potential clients his method of isolating cells for accurate sampling. His company, Akadeum offers high-purity cell preparations needed for research, medical and agricultural diagnostics, and cell-based manufacturing.

the Scrap Box @ Make Health Fest

Dr. McNaughton also teaches a class in entrepeneurship that sends students to the Scrap Box to pickup materials to design and market a product to sell.

Follow their Scrap Box Ventures adventures here at numerous Twitter feeds!



 Welcome Fall!