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Summer Festival Kidzone Report

Our activity at this year’s Summer Festival KidZone was a big hit! Children got to make “Art on a Stick” using a foot long sturdy paper tube and a variety of decorative items. Some of the items were already sticky; other items were stuck on with double sickies. When done they stuffed 3 to 4  colorful strips of rip-stop nylon into an end and secured them with a yellow foam cylinder.

A great time was had by all 175 children before we had to quit because we ran completely out of materials.


A New Name for Us-

Bill is a grandfather who often visits with one of his granddaughters.


Recently, when he asked her where she wanted to go that day, she replied “to the Surprise Bucket!” An apt name for The Scrap Box, we think!


CD Cases into Picture Displays

I was recently trying to find some sort of picture frame for old wedding photos to decorate the tables at our 50th wedding anniversary.

After much searching, I finally spotted a barrel full of clear CD cases. After several designs, I came up with the one pictured here.

The CD is open with the hinge at the top. Both sides are covered with decorative paper. (I learned that double stickies work well to attach the paper. But put them on the front side below the ridge at the top. On the back side of the CD you can place your stickies on the very top corners. This method allows you to open the CD so it can stand.)

I used gold paper since it was our golden anniversary, but any decorative paper would work. Check out the paper sheets we have in the scrapbooking section. Add doodads to embellish.

I attached the photos with self-adhesive paper corners.

One of our patrons came in recently to shop for CD cases, which we have in bulk- She concluded that it was possible to fit 142 cases into a large bulk shopping bag (proof below)!


Maker Faire Detroit

On the heels of the Summer Festival Kidzone, another Scrap Box support team is heading out to the Maker Faire Detroit.

We will be collaborating with our friends over at Maker Works Ann Arbor. Maker Faire takes place on July 26 & 27 between 9:30am & 6pm at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. Tickets & further info. are available online at:


Many thousands are expected at this multi-faceted BIG EVENT which offers activities, speakers and exhibitions for all-ages. We would love to see you there!


Wall of Artists (in Progress)

Artists, crafters and educators: if you have a website, and you would like us to add your card to our wall-of-artists, please e-mail us:


Or drop your business card at the front desk and we will post an embedly card (like we use on our calendar) for you on the Scrap Box site! From the standpoint of SEO (search engine optimization) this might be another feather-in-your-cap placement we’d be glad to extend!