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Reminder: We do not accept donations the first week of the month.

Hand Prep:

(The third in a series of photo essays about our non-profit adventure in recycling here at the Scrap Box!)

At the Scrap Box, stuff is coming and going all-the-time! Both in industrial and micro-quantities & drop-offs from our patrons. Things need to be sorted and set-out into small & medium sized trays, shelves, spindles, buckets, barrels, and 4ft. x 4ft x 4ft. cardboard bulk “gaylord” boxes.

barrels boxes and gaylords

Volunteers and staff do most of the preparing and sorting. And if you DO donate stuff to us, we appreciate your efforts in doing some pre-sorting to relieve us of the burden! (if questions as to what we do accept pleas see our updated wish list).

hands sorting

Sometimes our volunteers perform unusual niceties for you like break crockery into small pieces for mosaic and stuff them into jars! We also have staff & volunteeers with expertise in a fields such as fabrics, or collectibles. But oftentimes we categorize stuff without prejudice or knowledge of its market value! This could raise your chances of coming in to find a bargain!

Aside from the bulk paper bags, we often put small stuff into seal-a-meal or ziploc bags (please reuse or recycle these).

Lot of old fashioned manual labor and running around to get things out for your visit!

We also have lots of stuff for your FROZEN parties!

stuff for your Froze parties!
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