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Reminder: We do not accept donations the first week of the month.


(The second in a series of photo essays about our non-profit adventure in recycling here at the Scrap Box!)

We thank-you for bulk bagging your own bulk stuff!

the Scrap Box small bags

As long as it fits and it comes from the bulk room
(and it’s not priced otherwise): it’s FLAT-RATE!!!!!

the Scrap Box large bags

Other nuances to bulk bag shopping:

the Scrap Box full bags of 142 cds

If you overfill: we may charge more!

If it doesn’t fit in a bag:
(and it is not priced otherwise)
it’s 50 cents.

the Scrap Box small bag partially full

If the bag is not full: it’s proportionally less cost to you!

the Scrap Box full bags

Come visit! & test your stuffing skills!

Funny stuff in this week- Stamps, stamps, stamps & cutout stamps.

the Scrap Box various stamps

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