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Yes, we have the sparkly stuff & lots of it for now. But the real core mission of the Scrap Box is to retrieve and disseminate useful raw materials that can be reused! 

Lots of these materials are not glorious! Foam, cardboard, fabrics, papers aren’t shiny, nor necessarily decorative.

the Scrap Box basic materials: end rolls of fabric
the Scrap Box basic materials: rolls of white paper
the Scrap Box basic materials: sticky back foam

But they are SO useful in creative pursuits! Add creative effort, color, shape, stitching, what-have-you and these things might bloom, or take on a second act in life! The Scrap Box caters to varying levels: from pre-school through to professional artists shaping the artistic landscape of the region. We don’t discriminate!

the Scrap Box basic materials: plotter papers

At the root of the success and durability of the Scrap Box (going on 30 years now) is that we have a broad network of supportive businesses and donors across the state who have kindly given their offcasts! That broad network, feeds the activity here. The coming and going is daily. Always there are new friends and repeat visitors to our warehouse. Some from quite a distance! or another State, or country!

the Scrap Box basic materials: raw fabric scraps > 1yd.

The warehouse is the place it all collects, is processed and put out lovingly by volunteers and staff! To finish off the year, we will be having a warehouse sale with more than the usual put-out onto the lawn and lot!

the Scrap Box: warehouse sale june 14, 2014

Come visit!

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