MiAEYC Conference

The Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children held their annual conference the first week in April in Grand Rapids. Libby and Karen were there, along with about 40 other venders. We took a whole van-load, tightly packed, to sell; happily we brought little home.


Libby spent many hours beforehand, planning what to take, what containers each item would go in, and how to fit it all into an 8-foot by 20-foot booth space.

We always love to see early educators from all over Michigan. Many of them buy stuff from us every year. Others are reminded of The Scrap Box so they plan a trip to visit us in Ann Arbor.


The conference is a lot of work, but also is a lot of fun. We’re always relieved when we at least break even financially. This year we even made a small profit!

A Painting and Printing Project

An important preparation for any conference is to make samples demonstrating uses for the materials we’re trying to sell. We keep in mind the audience and look for age-appropriate ideas.

painting printing project

This year we brought our 4-inch circle made from a filter material. I tried playing with it to see what I could come up with. First I tried using food coloring, thinking it would be quickly absorbed into the material. However, the colors just beaded up. So I took an index  card and used the edge to smear the colors, then printed with it. The results were O.K., but i thought it might be pretty messy for young children.

painting printing project

Then I tried using kids’ paint instead. I used our yellow sponges to apply several colors.
It worked best when the paint was quite thick and completely covered the circle. You need to do your printing while the paint is still wet. Here are the results.

painting printing project

The last thing I tried was cutting the filter circle into a shape before applying paint.



painting printing project


Altogether, it was an enjoyable project – messy again, but easy to clean up.

Don’t forget the Earth Day Celebration on Sunday, April 27, from 12 to 4:00, at the Leslie Science and Nature Center.

More at: http://lesliesnc.org/q2earthday

Mother’s Day at Whole Foods

On Saturday morning, May 10 the Whole Foods on Washtenaw will be sponsoring a special children’s activity that involves decorating a special bag for your mom. The Scrap Box will be there to provide materials and to lead the project. There will also be a time to do a little shopping

Watch for details from Whole foods.

Downloadable Scrap Box poster-

As a part of our presentation package, we have made available a downloadable the Scrap Box poster with map, who we are, what we have and what we offer!

the Scrap Box poster 11x17

Format is .pdf (11″x17″)so you will be able to view on your computer or easily print on your home or school color printer.

Get the poster here- http://scrapbox.org/recentstuff/poster/

More versions on the horizon!

Thing of the week-

One of the new features of the Scrap Box Recent Stuff website is “the Thing of the Week”- a pictorial featuring  A single unusual item that has been dropped off and marked-down for sale.

We are so fortunate our supporters in the community often drop off truly unusual things our warehouse people identify and put out on the floor.


The sorting of items at the Scrap Box is governed by a general policy, that if an item falls into a category of bulk it is set-out there.  So oftentimes there are real bargains that end up in the bulk area and you never know what you will find at the Scrap Box!

See the “thing of the week” here- http://scrapbox.org/recentstuff/thing-of-the-week/


Check out our new calendar on the website. It is in flux but offers listings of several events you may not find elsewhere. As goes our mission, there is an emphasis on education, recycling and creative re-use!

If there are events you would like to see there, please e-mail: news@scrapbox.org

View the Calendar here- https://a2scrapbox.wordpress.com/calendar/

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