spring 2014 display

It is supposed to be upon us-

As it recedes into the saturated earth, cherish the thought.
We may never see the likes of this winter again!

Well, Festifools is almost on top of us!

Ann Arbor Festifools by Myra KlarmanNext week people with large paper mache heads will walk the streets of Ann Arbor setting the world right! Save the date to head downtown, park, walk and cheer-on the spectacle!

Ann Arbor Festifools by Myra KlarmanPhotos by Myra Klarman / myraklarman.com

Festifools Website: festifools.org

The school year is coming to a head, all cylinders firing! Well researched projects are attracting attention. Some of these were pretty over-the-top!
Class projects with recycled materials!

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