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Congratulations to all of us for surviving this record-setting January in Michigan. The weather doesn’t seem to be improving, so chin up and keep truckin’ on. Spring, when it finally does come, will be a most welcome sight.

icy with piles of snow all around

Are you still looking for Valentine ideas? The Scrap Box is the place to look.

You’ll find lots of hearts in lots of different sizes and colors, little flowers, ribbons, lace, loads of beads, and other decorative items. Some of the hearts have holes in them and can be strung on a ribbon for a quick necklace.

If you are a member you can use the die-cutter to punch out hearts and flowers to use for card making. Try wallpaper patterns with small flower designs.

We also have lots of Valentine’s cards. So pay us a visit!

Different Strokes for Different Folks:

One of the great things about The Box is the open-ended nature of our materials. Different people can all see the same item, but everyone can see different uses for that object.

An example of this multi-use feature is our Mardi-gras beads. One strand can be a child’s simple necklace for dress-up.  By adding a heart pendant to the strand with a thin piece of thread you can make it into a fancier necklace. Another very different approach is to cut several necklaces into small pieces. (They come in red, silver, blue, and green.) Use the pieces in collages or to form letters and numerals.

beads with hearts in a circleideas with beads

 A Quickie Gift Idea:

gift cubeAre you looking for a simple gift idea? Start with one of our small white cardboard boxes (1 ¾ inches square). You can use paint or markers to color the sides, let it dry, and then look for small decorations to attach. Double stickies work well to attach the items. (See the article below.) Now your box is ready to fill with that special little present.

7 cardboard cubes

Good Glue Alternative:

Have you discovered our latest version of double-stickies? When you peel them on both sides the sticky surface is white so they are not as visible as the black ones we’ve had before. They come in 2 sizes: approximately 4 inches square (12 per pkg.)  and 7 inches by 4 inches (6 per pkg.). Both packages are only 50 cents.

ideas with beads 2 sticky back

They are easy to cut into the desired size and easy to peel. They work better than ordinary glue at holding many different kinds of materials together.

You can also use the whole large size as a surface for a collage. When finished, peel off the second side and attach the collage to a slightly larger stiff background.

Winter Break!

February 17 -21 is the week for winter school vacation for many area schools. If you’re planning on going to Florida or some other warm spot, have fun! But if you will be in town that week, plan a trip to The Box. Each child can fill a small bag from the bulk room for only $5.00. Add a bag of double stickies for another 50 cents and you’re ready to go home and create!

Creative Workshops:

The Scrap Box offers school workshops for children in the project room at our Ann Arbor warehouse. Now is a great time to book ahead to fit into the school year!  We are also taking reservations for summer camp workshops.

the Scrap Box mask projects 2

We offer a variety of projects both beginning and advanced: Imaginary critters, puppets, robots, 3d models & architecture, marble mazes and board games are among the themes available.

Check-out our full workshop descriptions @


Call us at: 734-994-0012 to book a class!

Social Sites:

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and soon, Tumblr.

We’d be delighted to know your recent preferences in social media. Why you are using a particular service and if you think what they offer might be a good fit for The Scrap Box outreach! E-mail: michael@scrapbox.org

a frozen tree at the Scrap Box