Here Come the Hearts:

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now it the time to check out the Scrap Box inventory for all your heart-y needs. You’ll find lots of hearts in lots of different sizes and colors, little flowers, ribbons, lace, loads of beads, and other decorative items. Some of the hearts have holes in them and can be strung on a ribbon for a quick necklace.

If you are a member you can use the die-cutter to punch out hearts and flowers to use for card making. Try wallpaper patterns with small flower designs.

We also have lots of Valentine’s cards. So pay us a visit!

valentine decorations

Household Donations:

no donations the first week of the monthAgain, we are only taking household donations the last three weeks of the month!

We have recently updated our Household Donations Wishlist which may be downloaded from our site @

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