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Happy New Year!

A belated happy new year to all! Have you gotten in the habit yet of writing 2014 in the dateline?

Thanks to the 44 people who responded to our end-of-the-year donor appeal letter. We raised nearly $9,000! Special thanks goes to our “very generous anonymous donor” who matched other donations.

If you meant to respond but forgot, we’re always happy to accept your donation to The Scrap Box. You can mail us a check (581 State Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48108) or go online our website @ scrapbox.org and click on the donate button on the homepage.

the Scrap Box van

Open or Closed?

As we all know too well, our extreme winter weather has caused school closings already this January. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that The Scrap Box is also closed. So how can you tell?

We can’t always post last-minute announcements on our website, so the easiest way to find out is to call us (734-994-0012). If you call after 10 am and no one answers the phone, you will know we’re closed.

Several of us on the staff have all-wheel vehicles, and we make every effort to make it in – unless the roads are very hazardous. And please, exercise caution yourself and don’t drive in such conditions.

Mail order Boxes:

After several requests we decided to revive our offer for mail order boxes to out of town customers. We use a standard paper box (the case that holds 10 reams of paper). We fill it with a large variety of items from both the Bulk Room and the Green Room. We figure it’s enough materials for a group of energetic preschoolers to make several projects. We can also custom order a box with more specific types of materials for older children.

mail order boxes

Posted on our website is a more complete description with directions for ordering. The boxes are a great introduction to using Scrap Box materials with lots of opportunities for open-ended discovery and fun.

Sign up for memberships online:

We’ve made it even easier to become a Scrap Box member: you can sign up on line. A membership is good for an individual or family. (If you have a group, check out our discount cards.)

A membership is good for one calendar year and costs $25. It provides a one dollar savings per bag purchased in the bulk room, and it allows use of our special members’ room with a die-cutting machine, paper cutters, book binding machine, special hand tools (such as paper punches, glue guns, stencils, and special scissors) and a library of idea books.

To order on line, go to our website (scrapbox.org) and click on Shopping, then Memberships. Of course, you can also sign up in person when you’re in the store.

Updated Household Donation Wishlist:

We have recently updated our Household Donations Wishlist.
The full list may be downloaded from our site @


no donations the first week of the monthAgain, we are only taking household donations the last three weeks of the month!
While we welcome your donations, we encourage using the one-stream recycling program the City of Ann Arbor offers.
A full guide to what may be recycled is @


If you live in outlying areas, please encourage & support your local recycling authorities in their efforts.

Archive Site:

scap isotope archiveIn the spirit of making it easier to access the full content of the scrapbox org and a2scrapbox.org websites, our webmaster has started organizing our backlog of projects and pages of note into an experimental interface.
You may find the page at:


or off the archive link in the header of the scrapbox.org main site.

Soliciting Your Projects:

We are actively soliciting your projects for posting and/or inclusion into the greater site. We welcome you to e-mail pictures & descriptions to: projects@scrapbox.org

Here Come the Hearts:

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now it the time to check out the Scrap Box inventory for all your heart-y needs. You’ll find lots of hearts in lots of different sizes and colors, little flowers, ribbons, lace, loads of beads, and other decorative items. Some of the hearts have holes in them and can be strung on a ribbon for a quick necklace.

If you are a member you can use the die-cutter to punch out hearts and flowers to use for card making. Try wallpaper patterns with small flower designs.

We also have lots of Valentine’s cards. So pay us a visit!

valentine decorations