Of our arctic wobble!

Schoolchildren across Ann Arbor spend another day off school. Maybe too cold for frolicking outside. So we offer another selection of crafting projects from the past-

make a recycled book

build a race car with scraps


a ribbon rose by any name

a fairy car

scrappy very hungry caterpillar

making a pen cup cozy!

These are frozen times. Digging out slowly. Back and forth for hot chocolate.
Maybe warm enough in the teens today for getting out or starting the car!

Getting out January 1914 skating the dog

Christmas season is past, twelfth night (by my count) being last Sunday
but here at the Scrap Box we still have a vast selection of glittering things
many of them at half-off.

glittery things are half-off

foam for every use!

In addition to our perpetual selection of foam: great for insulating cracks around the house!

foam for every use!

Stop by! We will greet you warmly!