Individual Donations

Beginning in November 2013
The Scrap Box will no longer take individual donations of household items during the first week of every month.

Donations are welcome beginning with the second week of each month
through the last week of each month.

Our New Carpeting Looks Great!

We are very grateful for the gift we received to purchase new carpeting. The old threadbare carpet had to be about 25 years old. It had served us well, but every time we vacuumed, we felt the whole carpet was going to get sucked up into the vacuum!
The new carpet is now in, and except for a lingering smell of “new carpet”, we love it!

Thanks to all who helped pull off the gigantic task:

  • Bill and Karen Ensminger
  • Libby Katopodis
  • Liz Hennessey
  • Janet Taylor
  • Charlie Willard
  • Cameron Taylor
  • Duane Foster and crew
  • Gwynn Sterken
  • Tasha LeBow
  • Suzanne Higgins
  • Karen Gallup
  • Deborah Campbell

When we put things back, we made a few changes. In the Green Room all along the back wall, you will see expanded bucket holders. They are filled with a richer variety of cool items like colorful multi-faceted plastic chunks and other decorative objects. Some of the previous stock made its way into the bulk room.

We hope you will visit us soon to check us out.

New Treasures

Charlie, our materials procurement guy, has been working extra hard these last few weeks getting load upon load from one of our local suppliers. They are downsizing their warehouse and had lots of merchandise – overstock and discounted items – to get rid of. You will find beads in many colors; colorful plastic chunks; ground up plastic pellets; balls that look like they were made with grapevines; bags of potpourri; and spectacular carved wooden balls in a variety of designs and sizes.
You will also discover more artificial fruit; floating balls; gems in various shapes; flat marbles; sparkly pine cones; seashells; and sand. I am sure there are other treasures I’ve forgotten or we haven’t discovered yet in the unopened boxes, so the surprises will continue. Here is another good reason to visit us soon and visit us often!

Halloween Just Around the Corner

Whether you are making costumes, planning a party, looking for inexpensive trinkets to replace Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters, or constructing a haunted house, the first place to shop is The Scrap Box.


crayon costumes, witch hat, Scrap Box costume, pumpkin puppet, recycle fairy costume, knights’ costumes, candy dish project…

We have lots of fabric on a roll and ripstop nylon and thin foam on a roll (blue, yellow, orange, and black) for costumes.
Kids’plastic rings with faces like Superman, Dora the Explorer, Elmo, etc. make good alternatives to candy.
The bulk room is full of raw materials for constructing your special costume or props. So pay us a visit; you will be surprised at all the tresures.
For inspiration visit The Scrap Box News blog!

Road Construction Is Done

Finally after many months the construction of the rotary at State and Ellsworth is finished! The one-lane areas near State Circle are cleared out and traffic seems to be moving better. Time will tell how effective the new design is. We are relieved to see the road work end.

Job Opening

The Scrap Box is looking for a new person to maintain our website, our blog, and our Facebook page. The website is hosted by Netscape Solutions and uses WordPress.org software. The blog uses free hosting through WordPress.com with its community-SEO resources. There is also the possibility of marketing development. This is a part-time position, 2-3 days a week. If interested, contact Karen at 734-994-0012.