It has been 5 years since The Scrap Box raised its prices, and during that time the cost of living has risen.
It’s still a bargain to shop at The Scrap Box, but we have rent, utilities, and wages to cover so we have adjusted prices for the materials we sell.

As of October 1, 2013, the prices of bags from the bulk shopping area are as follows:

  • Large Bag: $7.50 (members pay 6.50)
  • Small bag: $5.00 (members pay $4.00)
  • Memberships: $25.00 per year

(You don’t have to join to shop,
but if you shop a lot, it’s cheaper to become a member,
plus you get to use the members’ room.)

Discount cards (good for organizations):

  • 10 punches: $65.00
  • 15 punches: $97.00