New Bag Prices

Beginning on October 1, 2013, the prices of bags from the bulk shopping area will change as follows:

  • Large Bag: $7.50 (members pay 6.50)
  • Small bag: $5.00 (members pay $4.00)
  • Memberships: $25.00 per year

(You don’t have to join to shop,
but if you shop a lot, it’s cheaper to become a member,
plus you get to use the members’ room.)

Discount cards (good for organizations):

  • 10 punches: $65.00
  • 15 punches: $97.00

These prices don’t go into effect until October, so plan to do some heavy shopping in September!

By the way, it has been 5 years since the last bag price increase.

New Carpeting to be Installed

Thanks to a large gift, The Scrap Box will be replacing our terribly worn-out carpeting. It will be a BIG job, but well worth it in the end.
The Scrap Box will be closed for the moving of furniture and installation of the carpeting and moving everything back into place.

  • Monday, September 16
  • Tuesday, September 17
  • Wednesday, September 18

If you have some extra time the week before and want to help pack up stuff, give us a call to find a convenient time.

Scrap Box Goes Out to Schools

workshops-outside-the-boxThe Scrap Box, Ann Arbor’s Great Green Treasure House, still offers workshops at our site on State Circle, but we are also able to bring our program to your school. No longer are transportation costs an issue. We bring all the materials and ideas to allow your students the opportunity to create their own unique project based on your curriculum needs.
Costs: based on how many classes are participating:

  • 2 classes: $250.
  • 3 classes: $375.
  • 4 classes: $500.

In addition, there is a mileage charge of 50¢/mile. To view details, or to download and print a flyer to share with your favorite teacher, click the picture above.

New Shopping Carts

scrapbox-cart_3471Next time you’re in The Box, check out the new green shopping carts. They are smaller than our regular shopping carts, and with the long handle they are easier to maneuver.
They work well in the Green Room as well as the bulk room.
Thanks to the Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club for the grant to purchase them! (We also were able to purchase an efficient two-tiered shelving unit on wheels that is great for stocking items in the Green Room.)

Too Much of a Good Thing

From time to time The Scrap Box becomes overstocked with certain items so we must ask that you don’t bring us any more for awhile. Currently we have too many:

  • used greeting cards
  • National Geographic magazines
  • fabric books
  • CD cases
  • binders

You don’t need to throw them out, because in a month or so we will probably be ready to accept them again. Be sure to call to see if The Scrap Box has room again (734-994-0012). To view, or download and print The Scrap Box Wish List, click here.

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