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truck toy made with recycled materials
The Scrap Box has recycled scraps to make model racing cars. This article explains the techniques to make cars that really move. You can use all sorts of things to make wheels, bushings, axles, and chassis, straws, tubes, caps, cardboard circles, self-adhesive foam, small boxes, artificial fruit, and more. Just add imagination!


make a toy racing car with scraps

A hollow cylinder to maintain the size of a hole, or a hollow cylinder to serve as a guide. Notice the axle inside the bushing in the illustration above.

race car model made with scrap craft
A circle with a hole in the center.
Use a pencil or awl to make a hole in a foam or cardboard circle.
If you want the wheel to spin as well, add a “bushing” to let the wheel turn freely on the axle. (see bottom left wheel in the illustration)

Wheels can
spin on the axle … or wheels and axle can each spin (as shown on the left)
~notice the “hub cap” which prevents the wheel spinning off the axle~
or only the axle spins (shown on the right)

The base on which you build the body of your car.
Use a double-sticky, foam “tape,” or glue to attach the bushing to the non- sticky bottom of the car.Use other pieces of foam (sticky side up) to build the “engine,” trunk, and seats. Use the sticky-side-up surfaces to add color with transfer foil or paper strips. Remember: you can cut foam with a knife or scissors to sculpt your car. Don’t forget about lights, the windshield, the instrument panel… Have fun!

artificial fruit craft project

click pic to see the fairy car!