The remainders from The Scrap Box’s first warehouse sale are now available for purchase at bargain prices. The Scrap Box will have another warehouse sale next year, but you don’t have to wait to take advantage of the opportunity to pick up some very affordable recyclable materials for art and craft projects.

They are in the old free room, and we’re eager to move them out because The Scrap Box has exciting plans for using that space.

Whenever the store is open, you can access the room through the doors on the far side of the bulk room.

Check it out; there are still appealing fantastic items for sale at bargain prices.

  • The items include:
  • wooden picture frame lengths (like molding)
  • large picture frames, some with art, some with glass
  • large rolls of gold transfer foil
  • tennis ball cans full of smooth rocks
  • several flowers designed for deck rails
  • huge roll of foam backed navy fabric
  • unique clocks which look like hour-glasses
  • gold-colored pin / hooks
  • large rolls of transfer foil: white and black
  • ~~and dark red and cream
  • large slabs of wax for making candles
  • large white, teal, and green tote bags
  • large spools of vinyl tubing
  • rolls of cash register paper
  • full hides of lovely leather
  • bags of leather scraps
  • shredded paper for paper-making
  • lots of zippered bags: navy and grey,
  • ~~some with handles
  • several beautifully cut photo mats
  • special posters
  • some miscellaneous things
  • and more…