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make a fairy car with artificial fruitAnn Arbor has fairy doors! This is apparently evidence that fairies live here. But how do the fairies travel? Yes, we assume they have wings, we assume they can fly. We have legs, so we can walk. But what if you want to go a long distance? You’d get into a car and drive. Thus, we can surmise that our urban fairies have cars. Most people never see fairies coming and going, so I’ve wondered what a fairy car would look like.

I presume that though some fairies live and work in our urban environment, they appreciate their flower, woodland, and natural heritage. I imagine that their favorite cars would be constructed of such ephemeral materials as fruits, flowers and leaves. I suppose they would like some sparkling camouflage—the sparkle of light one sees from the corner of an eye as a fairy passes by.

The Scrap Box has lots, lots, lots of artificial fruits: apples, peaches, pears, grapes, cherries… We even have artichokes! Yes, these are all artificial, but they can be used to make a realistic model of a fairy car!