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windsocks-1_2596Wind socks are fun to make and play with in summer. The Scrap Box has brightly colored nylon “ribbons” which make graceful streamers. They are scraps from the hot air balloon builder in Dexter so the material is meant to fly!
We have a variety of other discarded scrap materials which can be up-cycled for the base of wind socks. Take a look at some innovative ways to make your own unique wind streamer.

A pair of self-adhesive foam shapes

  1. For each wind sock, choose 2 identical self-adhesive foam shapes. The example shows a dragon/wing-like/rabbit sort of shape. You can use a rectangle or a circle, but why not be whimsical?
  2. Lay your ripstop nylon ribbons across the sticky surface of the foam shape. Note, leave more sticky area exposed than shown! Also note that because the ribbons are so slick and slippery you might need to use a stapler to keep them in place.
  3. Place the identical foam shape on top. Remove the release paper, then decorate with buttons, beads, colored sand, foam shapes, or whatever strikes your fancy.

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A pretty tube

  1. An easy way to attach streamers to your wind sock base is to cut a slit near one end of the ribbon, loop it over the tube or through a hole, then pull the long end through the slit. Pull it tight.
  2. As always, click on the pictures to view a close-up easier to see illustration.
  3. This is a simple and easy to make craft project for young children. It’s fun to move these streamers in time to music.

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A plastic circle, a plate, or a cake round

  1. Another way to attach streamers to your wind streamer base: Fold one (or several together) long ribbon in half and pull it through a hold, tab, or slit until you have a small loop; thread the long end through the loop; pull tight!
  2. Click the pictures for a larger view.
  3. For details about using this sort of scrap, a circle of some sort, with a hole, take a look at this older article.
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A strip of holes

  1. The Scrap Box often has strips of heavy cardboard or plastic with circles punched out. The circles were probably used to seal the ends of tubes used for packaging.
  2. Use a strip about 2 feet long. Glue or use “double stickies” to overlap the ends, making a circle.
  3. Add streamers by looping them through the holes.
  4. Don’t forget to make a handle to hang your wind sock.
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A plastic end-cap from a core

  1. Begin with an end-cap from heavy-duty cardboard cores (tubes) which once held a huge roll of paper or plastic. Or another plastic ring with a rim.
  2. Collect 8 to 10 short colorful tubes.
  3. Glue, or use doupble-stickies, to attach the short tubes to the rim of the ring.
  4. Attach streamers through the tubes. Remember that streamers can be pulled toward the inside and the outside of the ring.
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Plastic filter tube for weaving
Take a look at other crafts you can make with this scrap…

  1. These filter tubes are often, but not always available at The Scrap Box, so if you see them, grab them!
  2. This version of the wind sock is more difficult so it is more suited for older children. It’s much fun to run and dance with that it’s a nice project for an adult to make for a favorite child.
  3. Collect 10 ribbons, twice as long as you want your streamers to be. From the middle of the ribbon weave down the length of the plastic grid, over and under alternately. Weave the other half of the ribbon through the next section.
  4. A large crochet hook, a knitting needle, or even a pencil helps poke the ribbon through the grid.

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