from chaos, make order…
foam scrapssnowflake wall hanging made with scrap foam
from simple, make complexity…
die cut foam shape scrapsfoam snowflake wall hanging
Visit The Scrap Box on Saturday and you’ll often see April working the register, answering the phone, and occasionally creating stimulating art with the scrap materials from the Bulk Shopping area. She noticed the (approximate) symmetry of some white foam die-cut shapes she found in a barrel. She was inspired to make a snowflake wall hanging to share with our up-cycling customers.

As always, remember that the materials at The Scrap Box change all the time. You may not find this exact scrap, but by looking with an open mind you’re bound to find supplies to create all sorts of beautiful art and craft projects at affordable prices! Please feel free to bring your camera; there are examples on display all over the store of what can be done with scraps.