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This elegant lantern was made from recycled materials from the bulk shopping area at The Scrap Box. Ralph used a white plastic tube with a open grid structure and about 8-inches tall. He found two different kinds of end-caps which had been used to cover the ends of a hub or core of a reel. The tube sits neatly between the caps.

He found a small scrap of handmade paper large enough to cover the tube. He squared the paper and trimmed it so there was enough margin to overlap about 1-inch around the tube, and long enough to tuck about 1-inch into each end. He painted the end caps black and embellished them with gold. The inexpensive battery light was purchased elsewhere. The whole lantern was assembled without glue!

Please note that the materials available from The Scrap Box come and go. This lantern project is meant to inspire you! You may not find these exact scraps when you visit, but with some imagination you’re certain to invent a lovely variation.