The Scrap Box was recently awarded a $1000. grant from the Eastern Michigan University Student Funders Group to transform our space in the front of the building into a drop-in workshop area.

bird-puppet_5672The new area will be a place where we can conduct informal workshops for children and adults, The activities will be visible for shoppers in the store, and thus will be great publicity. We will be able to try out some new ideas and new ways of doing things.

The transformation will take a great deal of work: painting the walls and floor, adding a decorative ceiling, finding tables and chairs and storage units, and gathering tools and supplies. If you are interested in helping, leave your name and email with a clerk at the check-out desk.


It will also mean the end of our free area of household items. Since most of the materials we were taking are now accepted by expanded recycling programs, it should be possible to dispose of these items responsibly.

jug-zebra-2013If you have been saving a large quantity of items for us, you may still bring them in until May 25, 2013. After June 7, the free area will disappear.

For a list of the items we will continue to accept read the list here, or pick up a copy Wish List in the store. (Examples: thread spools, buttons, yarn)

We hope to have our new workshop room working by early September.
Keep tuned for further informatiion.