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bead sorting tray made with recycled supplies

April, who works on Saturdays at The Scrap Box made a bead organizer from materials she found in our bulk shopping area.

components of a ribbon reelcolorful caps and lids

The Scrap Box often has spools or reels once used to dispense ribbon, velcro, cord, or elastic. They are nice-sized cardboard circles with a plastic cap in the center. We also usually have lots of colorful caps from recycled or discarded bottles.

home made bead sorting tray
This is the bottom of April’s bead organizer. She added a blue cup or cap to raise the tray above the surface of a worktable in order to easily turn the tray for selecting beads efficiently.

bead sorting tray with removable cups
The individual bead cups are attached to the tray with velcro so they can be re-arranged or removed for storage elsewhere.

Parts of a light-weight cardboard reel or spool:
parts of a spool