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Scarves are a fun way to dress up any outfit. These hangers efficiently store and display your collection so it’s easy to find just the right scarf. You can make one with a little bit of wire, some large rings, a hanger, and some simple tools.

The Scrap Box gets all sorts of scraps from companies all over Southeast Michigan: you never know what will be there at any one time. These rubbery plastic rings are scraps from a company manufacturing some sort of molded product. Once the messy overflow edges are trimmed off they are smooth enough to use them with even most delicate scarf.
I used thin copper colored wire to join them into rows of 3 rings, 2, and 1. The ends of the wires were carefully rolled over and forced between the rings.

rubber rings wired to a hanger

rings on hanger

You can hang your scarves on the top part of the hanger, on the top part of the top row of rings, and on the bottom of rings in the lower rows.

The Scrap Box does not always have those interesting rubber rings, but you can use any kind of smooth rings. The lids from plastic food containers make a nice lightweight scarf hanger at almost no cost!

Most of these lids have embossed printing to let the end-user know what sort of plastic they are with a recycle code number. They all have a dot in the center, the result of how they are made. Draw a straight line from edge to edge through the center to use as a guide for the middle bar. Cut away the lid leaving the middle bar as a place to hang your scarves.

I wired the lids together before I cut the “holes” in them. It would have been easier to cut first then wire them: easier to see where to poke the holes for the wire.

I made 2 rows of three rings. The top row is attached to the bottom of the hanger with wire. The bottom row is supspended from the bottom of the hanger with plastic covered wire below the first row. One could add more rows in order to hang more scarves. I used self-adhesive foam to pad the middle section of each ring. With this design scarves can be hung in three parts of each ring: top, middle, and bottom.

For a belt or tie hanger you could use bangle bracelets or shower curtain rings.