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How to make a great project-table or bookshelf by upcycling: First, get a really big spool…

Source: leberpr.com via Bonnie on Pinterest

…then paint it, add some dowels to keep your books upright; screw in some casters and voilá: you’ll have a handy table or bookshelf.

The Scrap Box sometimes has “reels” or “spools” available. They were used for holding cable (or wire) during a construction project. They are usually made with rough wood and vary in size. I used one, unfinished except for covering it with a tablecloth, on my patio for years!
Right now The Scrap Box has one very special extra large reel made of some sort of super strong black plastic-like material. It’s 40-inches in diameter, with a center core 24-inches in diameter, and it’s 28-inches tall. It has 24 compartments which would be useful for sorting small items. Perhaps legos or mosaic pieces? It appears that one could un-bolt the circles and flip them over for a flat table top.

If this spool is too big for your car please speak to the folks at the front desk to arrange a delivery. If you are interested in the smaller spools we sometimes have, please call to see it one is available: 734-994-0012.