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how to make a ribbon-rose
The Scrap Box is a great place to find all sorts of ribbons for craft projects. The ribbon rose I wore for years on my winter coats has become too shabby to be chic—I was beginning to feel like Delta Dawn…

While browsing online I discovered these easy to make beautiful ribbon roses. A rose would be be charming on a hat. Or decorate your handbag with a rose. You could embellish a gift package with one, or make the rose as the gift.

To make a rose with 1½-inch wide ribbon you’ll need about 54-inches of ribbon. However, if you have a longer ribbon you can make two roses from 81-inches of ribbon by re-using the “pull-through” section.

star man stellatedThe technique is the same as we used in grade school to make those spring-y legs by folding strips of paper one over the other. For the rose, though, you pull one of the strips so it slips out the bottom while the top twists itself like magic into a pretty rose. You’ll want to secure the layers of ribbon with a few stitches, perhaps add a green ribbon leaf, and glue a pin-back to your rose to finish it.
I showed this project to some origami people and they loved it: devoted a whole meeting to trying it out!

This movie was a fun way to experiment with the movie function on my latest camera. I thought I’d share it with my friends at The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor.

The lovely music is from Miroirs (\”Mirrors\”), a solo piano work by Maurice Ravel written from 1904–1905. (Well, only part of the whole piece…)