Driving to work the other day, through blowing snow and slick Michigan streets, I was longing for a lovely sandy sunny beach. I was surprised when I arrived at The Scrap Box to see shells. No, the store was not transformed into a tropical waterfront, but there were sea shells galore.

Sea shells are natural works of art. And these shells, in all their variety, are available now for your own creative craft projects: embellish a picture frame or mirror, make a bird bath, make a shell mosaic, make shell flowers, or create shell characters for a fairy garden.

A local wholesaler was moving their main warehouse to a different location, so this abundance of shells was donated to The Scrap Box, rescuing them from the waste stream for creative recycling art and craft projects.

These pictures of shells in a circle, which look like they are underwater, were made by using a handy discard from the free room. I wanted to show the great variety of shells The Scrap Box has for sale in a dramatic way. I found an empty plastic cylinder, a tube, which had been made to sell birdseed. The label was not glued on, just inserted inside, so it was simple to remove. I put a handful of shells into the tube, stood it on a sheet of black paper, and took the pictures by steadying the camera on the top focusing on the bottom layer of shells.

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For your enjoyment and inspiration take a look at this fun video about shell craft: