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Crazy Critter Craft Kit
The create a crazy critter craft kit is a box of recycled materials from business and factories. It’s a treasure box of foam scraps—some adhesive, some yellow; colorful cardboard tubes, transfer foill, craft sticks, feathers, google eyes, springs, and chenille stems. There is enough to make at least five different creatures.

Think about different kinds of animals: some animals are tall, some are small and compact, and others are long and skinny! Some creatures stand on two legs while others have many legs, or even no legs at all. Some critters have beaks, but others have noses, or very sharp teeth. Ears can stick out or droop down. Tails can be short and curly, long and straight, or even puffy and fluffy. Critters can look very different from each other.
A colorful paper tube or sticky-back foam pad will serve as the base for creating an insect, fanciful bird, alien, or other imaginary creature. Select among miscellaneous items to add eyes, legs, antennae, body parts, etc. Best of all, because many of the items have a peel-off sticky back, no glue is required.
These kits are fun for birthday parties, Scout projects, church school craft-times, family rainy-day activities, or take one along when you visit grandma.
Visit The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor pick up yours today! Each kit is only $15. If you cannot visit The Scrap Box, call with your credit card information (remember we will add a shipping fee).