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egg carton advent calendar
People who do art and crafts have more ideas than time.

I was looking at an empty plastic egg container the other day, the ones fancy eggs are packed in, and thought about how 12 plus 12 equals 24, how advent lasts for 24 days (25 if you count Christmas day), and how could those two ideas come together. Because those snazzy packages for eggs are clear, they call out to be displayed in a sunny window, colored like stained glass. And permanent markers on clear plastic are translucent.

We are already half-way through advent this year, but I colored that egg container with a blue marker, leaving a clear star design to guide the three kings. Markers don’t apply smoothly to plastic, but the effect is pleasing. Think of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting!

A yellow or orange felt tip marker would make the Starry Night effect more like the masterpiece… Remember, you can mark on both front and back so the colors won’t blur. Also note that you could buy acrylic paint for glass which would have a similar, probably smoother and different effect. But I was at home, just sketching an idea. I hope someone will follow through with a finished piece.

Possible technical issues: use suction cup hooks to hang the calendar, use post-it notes to cover the “days” so the starry sky is revealed as we approach Christmas, hidden in the calendar use black and or white paper (to look like silhouettes) to make angles, sheep, shepherds, kings, camels, donkey, other animals, Joseph, Mary, etc, use the flat bottom section to add characters to the creche as the days go by, use some other clear plastic part to hold the bottom level or glue the figures in place…

I wish I’d had time to make this. Perhaps you will be inspired by this idea.