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Hey! There’s a turkey on the table!!

Add some fun to your Thanksgiving table with this turkey. He will keep the dinner rolls warm while amusing your guests. Pass the bread, please!

Make it yourself in an evening with materials from The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor. We have lots of decorator fabric samples in the Bulk Shopping-area where you fill a bag for one price. You can even use the bag, which is the base for this cute breadbasket.

You’ll need fabric, a fabric sample book, wiggly eyes, a piece of mat board, straight pins, staples and stapler, and glue. Pinking shears are also useful to keep the edges of fabric from raveling.

Click on the pictures below to see larger photos
and detailed instructions on how to make a turkey of your own.

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Part 2 of instructions

Part 3 of instructions

Part 4 of instructions

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