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Mayflower place card craft

ziploc food container lids taking over cupboardI’m sure others have this problem: I use plastic containers to bring lunch to work, but spicy foods, greasy foods, tomato-y foods all stain them. Who wants lunch from a dirty-looking dish? So after a few episodes through the dishwasher, I throw the containers away. But the lids, all lovely blue? They have lots more territory in my kitchen cupboard than I think best!

So considering what to do with them, and keeping in mind the upcoming Thanksgiving, I began to contemplate the pilgrims coming to America. They came over an ocean, a blue ocean.

toothpicks, gum-drops, and walnut shellsObviously I could put at least one of those spare blue lids to use for ocean waves which those early settlers crossed.

Use half an empty walnut shell for each Mayflower. Squash a gum-drop and put it into the ship. Poke a toothpick into the candy for a mast. Cut squares from white paper for sales. Write your guests’ names on the sales and thread them to the toothpick masts.

half circles of mat boardThe walnut shell ships are not very stable, so they need a base.
Use the die-cutting machine at The Scrap Box to cut 4-inch circles from mat board scraps. Cut in half. Or use lids from yogurt, margarine, cottage cheese, and so one.

Mayflower place card craftCut ziploc food container lid into waves and staple them to the half circle base. Glue the walnut shell ship among the waves.

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