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make a fancy buffet table utensil holder with recycled tubesSet your holiday buffet table in style with these elegant utensil holders. It’s an easy to make recycled craft project which keep the forks, spoons, and knives organized attractively.

They are cardboard tubes disguised with pretty ribbons, or colorful strips of paper, and a few glittery beads. The Scrap Box currently has some nice tubes with sealed ends, lots of ribbons, lace, yarn, paper, and jewels.

wall sculpture with striped tubesThe inspiration for this stylish design came from a collaborative work of art made by several Scrap Box supporters. Each person chose colored papers, cut into strips, to decorate her own tube. The tubes were arranged and anchored to each other. It’s a distinctive piece which graces a wall in our The Members’ Room.

recycled tube craft for holiday parties

Gather some ribbons or colorful strips of paper, glue, white paper, and a few glittery beads. You could even use yarn wrapped around the tubes.

For each silverware dispenser you will need 7 tubes. For illustration purposes here I made only one container and put the silverware “working” end up. Making individual containers for spoons, forks, and knives means that your guests will be selecting the eating utensils by the handles.

These are heavy-duty tubes with a white cardboard circle on each bottom, currently available at The Scrap Box. If you can’t visit us in Ann Arbor, you can use empty toilet paper tubes. See Useful Tip #1.

buffet table utensil dispenserApply the ribbons or paper strips to the 7 tubes with glue or double-sided tape. It’s useful to draw a line on each tube where your stripes begin and end. See Useful Tip #2.

Alternately, you can purposely fray or fringe the ribbons (paper) all around each tube for a more casual look.

Use a good strong glue to hold six decorated tubes to the center tube. (Elmers, Tacky, Goop-Household, hot glue) Use rubber bands to hold the whole thing together while the glue sets.

fancy buffet table eating utensil container craftCut clean white paper circles to cover the bottom of each tube. And cut rectangles to line the inside of each tube.

Finally you can embellish the little work of art with some holiday sparkle by gluing on some beads.

The Scrap Box currently has lots of fun and seasonal decorative beads, buttons, and small sparkling decorations.

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