Ginger Newborn Seal mural
Ginger Newborn has been coming to The Scrap Box for many years.
She writes:

My friend Zandra told me about this treasure. I paint murals and make jewelry. I have been repurposing for most of my life.

My Mom bought a little boutique in Grand Blanc, MI and had teachers come in so we were able to try diffrent arts and crafts.

Below is a picture of a set up for Dr. Lorangers in Dexter, MI. I draw my pictures on the rolled paper so I can move them around before transfering them onto the wall. Then I add the background.

Another photo is of a jewelry stand we made from a base found at Scrap Box then we added some wood and dowels, painted and sealed it. It was just right to show off my macrame.

You can visit my web site to see other murals I’ve painted.

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