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Recycle Fairy Costume
This is a creative re-use of plastic carrier bags: a fairy costume. Like any fairy, the recycle fairy is delicate and diaphanous as she dances.

If you made a Halloween costume this year from re-cycled materials
please send a picture to inspire others with your great ideas!
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recycle fairy costume

cutting plastic bags

The handles of the bags were cut away. Then they were slit across their bottoms and down one side. Slits about 3-inches long and 3-inches apart were cut into the now open bottoms. The slits were crocheted one by one to a waistband to make the fluffy under layer of the skirt. Other bags were attached the same way, but from one side of each bag so to make a longer over-skirt.

The corset was made for another project, but works well with this costume. It was crocheted with metal washers, which can be quite cold until they warm up. It’s very heavy, but because the weight is evenly distributed over the body is comfortable to wear.

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