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Simple but frilly pumpkin fascinator hat for Halloween.

We have a cat among pumpkins in this post: three fascinator hats you can make for Halloween. They are made with re-useable materials from The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Foam on a roll is only $1 per foot (and it’s 6 feet tall!) Beads, buttons, hot-air-balloon fabric, and lots of other decorative materials are here for making your hat unique.

There is a pattern included, so you can make a hats for other occasions as well.

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pattern for a fascinator hat base
Click for a pdf pattern to print.

If you’d like to make a “real” hat with heavy-weight buckram, fine fabric lining and covering, veiling, feathers, and fancy embellishments take a look at this article from Threads Magazine.

“Millinery Marvels” in Threads issue #153, p.49

If you don’t like the gallery instructions, see details on page 2.