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make a Halloween puppet
These puppets are fun to make and you’ll enjoy putting on your own plays. This is an unusual sort of puppet. You make him / her move, dance, and jump by putting two fingers into his legs from above and use your fingers to do the walking.

The Scrap Box has orange foam on a roll (only $1 per foot—the rolls are 6-feet tall), various adhesive, and unusual decorative materials, and often even polyester-fiber fill.

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Happy Halloween! Enjoy this animation while you make your puppets.

A brief summary of how to make this puppet. Click on the pictures in the gallery above for details.
This pumpkin puppet starts with the no-sew pumpkin decoration in the previous post.
Insert a popsicle stick into the bottom of the pumpkin.
Find something to make arms.
Use some orange foam for the body.
Roll two tubes with fit loosely on your index and middle fingers.
On the back of the body, tape or glue the head, the arms, and the legs.