Halloween pumpkin decoration
These little pumpkins make cute table decorations or party favors—no sewing necessary If you make them out of felt or cotton, the children can draw faces on them with markers and decorate them with stickers and ribbons. Or you could have a game of pumpkin toss with prizes for hitting the target.

no sew pumpkin decoration for halloween

11 by 8 inches orange fabric

You can use any thin fabric such as cotton or felt. This model was made with nylon fabric from a local hot-air-balloon factory.

no sew pumpkin dectoration

gather and rubber-band

Wrap fabric around a 3-inch in diameter glass overlapping the ends. Hold it with a rubber band. Gather the top by hand and wrap tightly with a thick rubber band.

slide it off the glass

Slide the pumpkin “shell” off of the glass. Staple or pin the un-gathered end. You are going to use some poly-fiber-fill for the next step.

no sew Halloween decorative pumpkin

turn inside out

Turn the pumpkin inside out so that the rubber band you used to gather the fabric is now hidden inside of the pumpkin.

soft stuffed halloween pumpkin decoration


That’s it: stuff your little pumpkin with polyester fiber-fill. Leave enough space to gather and secure the top with another rubber band.

no sew halloween decoration pumpkin

Rubber-band the stem

Gather and rubber-band the stem end of your pumpkin. Find a green mesh bag to make the leaves for your decoration.

no sew Halloween pumpkins