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mask: self-adhesive foam with transfer foil
accucut die cut maskThe Scrap Box has a die-cutting machine available for members’ use. We have a great assortment of die shapes, including an eye-mask which can be decorated for a quick Halloween disguise.
Become a member for a day and cut as many masks as you like: only $5 plus cost of materials!

Memberships are available to individuals. Memberships are good for one calendar year, and during that year you save $1.00 on each bag you purchase from the bulk-shopping area. You can also use our Members’ Room at no charge: a large paper-cutter, book-binding machine (combs), and the Accucut die cutting machine.
Memberships are $25.00 and can be purchased at any time.
Day memberships cost $5.00, and allow you to use the Members’ Room for one day; no discount on your bags.

Cut a mask from self-adhesive foam and then you won’t need glue to decorate it! You’ll find suitable sheets of foam for 10¢ and 25¢ in the Green Room.

Collect an assortment of sticky back small shapes, something for hair, and several different colors of transfer foil. Remove the release paper from the mask. Note you will be working on the adhesive side: don’t put the mask sticky-side down on your table!
halloween mask adhesive side uphalloween eye mask self-adhesive foam
Arrange the small self-adhesive shapes on your mask as you like. Place them foam side down, release paper side up. Leave the release paper on them for now. You can also place extra release paper shapes, shiny side down, to add more decoration to your mask.

This is the fun part of decorating your mask. Transfer foil is a scrap from printers who put metallic titles on book covers. It’s a fine way to add color to our self-adhesive foam sheets. Place the dull side of the foil down against an adhesive surface; shiny colorful side must be up. Press or rub gently so the color transfers to the sticky surface. Take a look at these videos to see how fun and easy it is to use this foil!

make a texture color with crumpled transfer foilTo make textured color, you’ll need at least 2 contrasting colors of transfer foil. Crinkle a small piece of foil so the dull side is exposed press the foil to the adhesive surface, re-crinkle and repeat. You’ll have a random crackly texture.

using transfer foil to decorate a maskLay a second color of foil flat over the mask and rub to cover all the remaining sticky areas.

Use a dull pencil, a finger nail, or a knitting needle to press the foil firmly against the decorative foam shapes you applied earlier.

mask with gold transfer foil appliedDepending on the colors you choose, the textured color can look like antique gold or silver, or weather wood.

Halloween mask how-tomaking a golden mask with transfer foilartistic mask for halloween
You can use the release paper on the decorative sticky-surfaced circles as a stencil. Lift the paper and offset it slightly. Apply transfer foil in a nice bright color. Then remove the release paper and apply a second contrasting color to the remaining adhesive surface. Use small shapes of adhesive foam for eyelashes and other features. Add some yarn or straw for hair, perhaps a cheerful ribbon, and use elastic cord to wear your creation.
Halloween mask with adhesive foam and transfer foil