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Here are some crafty scrap materials we currently have available at The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor.

You can see some colorful “ribbons” which are scraps from a near-by hot-air balloon manufacturer. They are not “regular” ribbons: the strips are not necessarily perfectly straight, but they are available in bright colors, especially red, yellow, blues, greens, white, and black. Very cheerful. Now and then, The Scrap Box will have some pink, purple, silver, or gold.

You’ll also notice some white foam circles, about 3-inches in diameter, almost ¼-inch thick. (by the way, my cats like to play with these: hold one sort of bent out between finger and thumb and let it spring/fly out so the cat can chase it—it’s so fun teasing a kit!)

And of course you wonder what the ridged white plastic cylinders are. I do too. They might be part of some sort of filter and these are scraps they cut off to make them fit where ever they were made to go.

But take these scraps, add a little imagination, and you could come up with a creative re-use for these items which would otherwise go directly to a landfill. Rachel Ward, a young Scrap Box fan came up with a couple of fun ideas.