This donation of a shell collection arrived in a large box. Inside, the shells were carefully stacked according to size. Each set was wrapped in a half dozen layers of tissue. It’s interesting to contemplate what the person who did this was thinking…

Please note that if you have shells you no longer want, The Scrap Box will happily accept them. No need to arrange them: a shoebox of assorted shells is most welcome. They are popular for all sorts of crafts.

Use the black sand to make a collage. This one is made inside of a CD/DVD jewel case. I used double-sticky strips which we currently have, but once they are gone, you could use 3M double-sided tape, to cover one side of the CD case. Arrange your collection of thin objects, then pour and press the black sand onto the adhesive surface. Close the CD case, seal it closed with colored tape, and if you like, attach it to a piece of colored mat board.