The Scrap Box has (scrap) book covers which didn’t get filled with their intended books. There are several ways to make them into books of your own.

The simplest way to put pages into your book is to fold several sheets of paper in half, cut to fit your cover, and secure that signature with a large rubber band. Note that you can include more than one signature.

Another easy way to put pages into your book is to staple them. Fold the spine in half, insert your pages into the fold and staple. If you have a heavy duty stapler, then you can insert more pages.

The Scrap Box has lots to beads, buttons, jewels, and bijou to embellish your book cover.

This book has three signatures. Each set of pages is sewn to the spine with strong thread.

Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

This book was made with one of our book covers, but it could have been made with some of our 10¢ grey chipboard. We have a nice selection of paper (sold by the inch) to use for your books as well.

The covers and pages were drilled with a small drill bit then tied with ribbons and yarn.

The book above was made with a pair of our 10¢ grey chipboard. And some paper by the inch available in The Box. Members of The Scrap Box can use the come binding machine in our Members’ Room to punch the holes in the covers and the paper to go inside the books. The binding machine cuts the necessary holes then fits a binding come through them: voila a book ready to decorate.

If you are not a member then there are some ready-to-decorate books bound with combs available for sale: only $1.50 per book.

Note: you can become a member for a year for $25. That will save you $1 per bulk bag, 50¢ per small bulk bag, and best of all access to our Members’ Room with the book-binding machine, large paper cutters, and the Accucut Die Cutting machine. We also offer day memberships for only $5 which will allow access to the equipment in the Member’s Room.