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Current Bid: $100

This is an amazing opportunity for you to support a local artist, The Scrap Box, and most especially it is an opportunity for you to acquire a beautiful work of art.
Visit The Scrap Box to see this painting, and place a bid: $25 minimum with $5 increments. Phone to check if someone is out-bidding you between now and June 15, 2012.

Quote from Ann Arbor Women Artists

Leslie Masters loves color. Her goal as an artist is to capture the feeling of color and light as it surrounds us. She is well known in the Detroit, Michigan, area as both a color painter and a teacher of painting and color theory. She has had numerous one person shows in the area, and currently has a show of her paintings at the Pierre Paul Art Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has a BA degree in art from Indiana University and an MA art degree from University of Michigan.

Leslie’s investigations into color led her to develop a practical way for artists to learn how to mix colors accurately. She used this as a basis for her teaching as well as a book she has written on the subject, called “How to Paint a Rainbow”. She continues to paint and teach at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, and at her studio on Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them. This is a 30-inch square acrylic painting by Leslie Masters called Pink Lilies.