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Shining jewel-like circles and squares are arranged in tiled abstract designs around the edges of these unique picture frames.

The process begins by die-cutting a “grid” from sticker paper. This grid will guide the placement of the mosaic elements: the release paper is removed from an adhesive foam square, then the grid is applied sticky side up, then covered again with the release paper for storage until ready to use.
A smooth sheet of thin aluminum foil is laid shiny side up on a flat surface. The release paper is removed and the prepare base is carefully placed onto the foil to adhere.
Pointed tweezers are used to place double sided adhesive squares and circles are precisely arranged into a regular, symmetric pattern on the underlying grid.

The release paper on the squares and circles is used to mask sections of the shapes as transfer colors are applied one by one.

Two of these picture frames will be available during the auction at the Earth Day Birthday Celebration on Sunday, May 6, 2012.