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 ► In 1959 Ideal Toy Company produced the first Playpal doll.
► She was sculpted by Neil Estern, a world renowned sculptor, who is best known for His work on the FDR memorial in Washington Dc. Mr Estern sculpted both the seated statue of President Roosevelt and the standing statue of Eleanor Roosevelt.
► Mr Estern’s wife Anne Estern designed the costumes for the first dolls.
► The first Patti Playpals had all strung joints and were not walkers. The earliest Patti’s had twist wrists. Later dolls had flanged arms and strung legs and were walkers. Some dolls were produced that had flanged arms and legs and many had their head mounted on a coil spring device.
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This doll will be available at our Earth-day Birthday Celebration. She was donated to The Scrap Box by Mrs. Mortell. She had a broken are with was expertly repaired by doll-maker and quilter Helen Fischer. Ms. Fisher also sewed the pretty outfit Patti is wearing.