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Scrap Box members can use our die-cutting machine to make fold-up pyramid shaped treasure boxes. The boxes are perfect for wedding or party favors, or for elegantly presenting a tiny gift.

Decorating these boxes is be a fun activity for adults and older children. Following are instructions for making these jewel-like fold-up boxes with our pyramid box die, die-cut self-adhesive foam, plastic bottle caps, double stickie scraps, and transfer foil available at The Scrap Box. You will need scissors, a long pin, a rubber stamp pad, and optionally paint, gel or permanent markers. And a length of ribbon, string, or yarn.

pyramid shaped paper box We have packaged some kits for folks who are not Scrap Box members. The kits include our unique materials: the cut paper boxes, self-adhesive foam caps, a variety of double sided stickies, transfer foil, and ribbon.
Each kit makes 5 boxes.
Peel away the release paper from the self-adhesive flower shapes. Stick the shapes to the bottle caps. home-made rubber stamps
Use a stamp-pad to print flower shapes onto the thin, blob-shaped whitish double stickies.
Cut out the stamped flower shapes. Don’t toss out the scraps. You can use them for partial stamps: separate petals for example. Or you can cut straight or curved lines. Or you can cut out an outline of a flower-shape.

The white double sticky material is a very thin layer of clear adhesive sandwiched between release paper and can be a little tricky to peel.

Use a pin to help peel one side of the release paper from the flower cut-outs.

Apply the shapes according to your design to the flat box.

Once the shapes are in place you can begin to remove the second piece of release paper to reveal the sticky surface for transfer foil.

Press the transfer foil, pretty side up, ugly side down against the sticky area. Rub, and pull it off: the color will have transferred!
Use the release paper to mask off part of the shape, then apply transfer foil. Move the release paper to reveal a bit more of the sticky area, then apply another color of transfer foil.

Add dots and details with the tiny double-stickie circles, or use paint markers to make your design more intricate.
Crease the box along the scored lines and bring the sides to the top. Secure with a bow.